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Allgemeine Geschäftsbedingungen

By clicking on "Pay" after selecting your tickets you give us a contract offer to the binding order. If we accept the contract offer you will receive a receipt of the order and a binding order confirmation with order number, date and bank account number usually within 24 hours on workdays to be paid to the total. The related contract shall be valid upon receipt of payment. If payment is not received on time we will void the order confirmation and the resulting contract is cancelled.

All rates shown are inclusive of all costs. The prices are shown including advance fees, system fees, VAT. If necessary, allowance for public transportation and agency fees are also included. Delivery costs are shown separately. Our prices differ considerably from the original price as the tickets come to us through various intermediaries who collect their own premiums.

Best price garantuee:
For those events marked with "Best price" we guarantee that our price is the cheapest in the world. This bases on an order confirmation from us. If you find an equivalent - that means identical tickets by price and category - or cheaper tickets from a different supplier for the same event within seven days of the issuance of this order confirmation we will refund the difference between ours and that of another provider, except in the case of online auctions. This is based on a legally binding contract between you and the other providers, in which binding delivery is guaranteed.

When ordering more than one seat ticket always at least two in a row next to each other are provided. Tickets will be delivered by registered mail or express shipping. The delivery is completed if we can present the proof of delivery from the respective delivery service. You will receive the tickets approximately 10 days before the event date. If you need an advance voucher or gift voucher we provide this free of charge in advance. Rarely for some events, we reserve the right to deliver to your hotel or other suitable delivery locations at the venue on the day of the event. Basically, we reserve the right to deliver higher-value tickets when tickets of the ordered category are no longer available. High quality is defined by the original price printed within the categories of the booked event or, if this information is not available, on the higher sales price reported by us. An exception is allowed only if these criteria are not reasonable for the buyer. In this case no additional costs have to be paid. Should no longer be a named hotel we booked, we reserve equivalent located near to book. Concerning seats for the Oktoberfest, we reserve the right to change to another tent before admission times for other important reasons.

Concerning damage compensations for whatever legal reason we are liable to a maximum of twice the amount of the contract value. For typographical errors and script errors and the accuracy of the information contained on the website we assume no liability. Furthermore, we are not liable for errors in the descriptions and / or sent confirmations.

In the event of force majeure, the service obligation and also the customer's claim for damages against Ticketpool shall lapse completely. The customer's right to withdraw from the contract at the time the force majeure becomes known is also excluded. Since Ticketpool is only an agent for all its services and can likewise not derive any claim for damages against the organizer. Example: Cancellation of a major event by regulatory authorities of any kind or by the organiser himself or an event held under aggravated conditions or also under exclusion of the public (e.g. football matches or concerts). In this case Ticketpool is generally not liable for the damage incurred. Since these measures can neither be influenced nor changed by Ticketpool. Under Force Majeure typically falls - Flooding - Earthquake - Natural disasters of any kind (hurricane, severe storm, tornado) - Fire - epidemics and diseases - Wars and civil wars - Embargoes - possibly also short-term legal changes of the respective countries Insofar as the liability of Ticketpool is excluded or limited in accordance with the above paragraphs, this shall also apply to the liability of its vicarious agents and assistants.

Privacy policy:
We process the personal data of the contractual user in compliance with the data protection regulations applicable to the contract. We store only name, address and email address and use your data exclusively for the execution of the order. necessary framework. A passing on to third parties is excluded.

The return of paid tickets or the cancellation of an order is not possible. A refund is made only for cancelling the event after official cancellation by the organizers. In this case, the tickets must be returned to us and arrive at the latest 10 days after the event date. For returned tickets we reserve the right to keep a compensation fee amounting to 20% of the sales price. This fee cannot be altered even if customers can prove lower handling costs on our side. Some organizers reserve the right to change event times due to television transmissions. In this case refunding of the tickets is not possible. The resale of tickets purchased from us through online auctions is forbidden.

At least:
Should individual points of these conditions be or become invalid, the validity of the remaining provisions shall not be affected.

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